Dreaming In Columbian

Worlds apart, separation from my mind
Just close my eyes to take me there
I fall apart, the pieces
Are so hard to find
A puzzle piece is torn in ½
The absence of color
Surrounds a broken dream
Call my eyes to bring me there
1 by 1 I watch as the pieces disappear
My friends become the ones I hate
This house of cards wont withstand the wind
I shut my eyes to escape
All my whites have turned to black
Everytime I close my eyes
Dream in columbian
All my bugs are comin back
Crawlin' on my face
They speak in… columbian
World's apart, a separation from my soul
World's apart, the separation is now whole
I watch the pieces fall apart
I try to make a brand new start
I'm fallin in, I'm fallin out
I'm fallin up, I'm fallin down
I'm fallin back, I'm fallin round
Now I'm askin why?

I Hear Black

Bad or a wet dream
Feelin' so in between
Gun in my pocket
Or a target on my head
Right on the wrong road
He talks to me through dogs
Not sure who it is
But I know it aint God
Feel like they're watchin me
Know that they're watchin me
C'mon let's go, got 2 tickets to the moon
So what are you supposed to do
When they got their hooks in you
Do you believe me
I was there
And did ya hear it
Not my fault
Wasn't even there
Rest of the world
All gone insane
Can ya hear the dogs barkin'
Can ya hear the dogs speak
Seen it on the TV
Something gonna break
Now how am I supposed to breath
When there is no air
And how am I supposed to be
When those hooks are pullin me-down
If you release me
Wont be there
If you leave me
I wont care
I hear black
It has no mercy
I hear black
It has no mercy
Repeating in my head
From the inside out
Talk to me in tongues
The worst of this
I understand
That the flies are breeding
And the wounds are bleeding
And there'll be no healing
In my house
From the inside out

World Of Hurt

Aggravation fuelin' me
Money powered hypocracy
I have no feelings
You're much the same
We have no feelings
We feel no pain
I am numb to all I see
This the way it has to be
Gone is hope, gone is need
I know, stone don't bleed
What's it worth, before I die
What's the reason they all cry
I have no feelings
Feel no pain
Not my problem
I feel no blame
We are blind and we are cold
We are 'fraid of growing old
We are numb to all I see
Nothing sacred
Backs turn to madness
Backs to misery
I put the brush to the canvas
And paint a world, paint my world of hurt

Weight of the world

You feel the weight of the world
And your back's not that strong
Can you carry yourself
Or is the weighting forever, so long
Do ya freeze in the heat
Wear sunglasses at night
And are ya beating our meat
To the sound of the same old drum
Time to shed your own skin
And with it promises
As we bite down hard and feel
The weight of the world
There's a song in these words
Though they leak through your teeth
Shakin' hand with the right
While your cutting my throat
With the left
It's the weight of the world
When you lay down with dogs
After humpin a leg
They leave you with fleas
And just split
The more I know
The less I understand
I try not to think out loud
The more I know
The more I feel
Weight of the world
So you lay down with dogs
All the names have been changes
But the story is always the same

Just Like you

It's just like you to talk when I'm not around
It's just like you to kick me when I'm down
Symptoms of your lunacy
Tryin' to be what you cant be!
I dont want to end up just like you
I cant hear you,
I cant see you,
I wont hear you
Its just like you to think you're playin god
Its just like me to know you're not
Weakening with every day
Turn down the sound and fade away
No I'll never end up just like you
I don't need you
I can read you
Never need you
You cant see me
You cant bleed me
Cold & empty
Just like you
There lays a fallen man
Fallen by his own hand
Once the way it used to be
Believed in you but now I'm free


Wake up baby
Daddy's comin
To crack your skull in 2
Hit you like a hammer baby
Down to play the fool
Surface the anger
Should you be undying
Wake up-break down
Daddy's comin
All you heard is true
Bite your lip
And shut your mouth
It's no longer up to you
No to the kicking
No more to say
No, having just 1 meaning
Nothing left to say
No way
You never were undying

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Feed My Head

Talk is cheap
I cant afford
The price of wasted time
Who will reap
The profit of the lie
Fantasy, Illusion, Fusion
Impressions of a high
Sacred is the being
Of a lie
Drawn is a picture of myself
It's all that I see leaving
Gone are the cries I heard (I make)
For help
The mirror spits
Of a lie
Are you waiting for a chance
Wont happen standing in the rain
Feed my head, I'm hungry for a lie
Damage done
The truth is drowning
In a sea of hate
Wet they wear
The fiction
Like a badge
Over their hearts
Be sure to teach your children well
Be sure they teach their children well
And too the children's children
Slight of hand
Slight of word
Slight to believe the absurd
Feed my head
I'm hungry
For a lie

Shades of Grey

I watch the smoke drift from my cigarette
I hear the roaches cross the floor
Slam dance around me
In my chair I sit
The grey is leaking through the door
There's a shade in the grey
That I've never seen before
My gaze fixed on the space beneath the door
My life flash before my eyes
All this sweat grew from 1 solitary drop
The grey is movin cross the floor
We walk alone
No one beside us
It's never as simple
As black or white
We should have known
No one would find us
One day we would
Wind up in shades of grey
Nobody listens so I talk to myself
Sometimes I pay me no mind
Lost this argument
So very long ago
The right words
Were so hard to find
Can't breath in the grey
Can't find the key
For the door

Spiritual Void

Bless me with that special pain
Makes a man feel right as rain
Soul-a-fire, feelin' so alive
In my own way
If you need a reason
To get some healin'
If your spirits bleedin
Then get some healin'
Do we get higher?
Are we all higher
In a spiritual void
Laughin' like a true believer Laughin' hard the true deciever
Laugh without a worry in this world
No friend of time
1 for neglecting me
And 2 on the way to 3
Never felt so low
Never felt so low
As in this void
Bless us now with what we need
Self-indulgent, caustic, greed
What's mine is mine, is mine, is mine
You get yours, leave me alone

Ignorance & Innocence

I aint looking for a reason
I aint searchin for my soul
I'm findin all the answers
It's the ?'s I don't know
Seen it from the outside
Outside lookin in
What's it like to be inside
Will I ever stop
Payin for my $in$
Will I see the light of day
When will all these dues be paid
Send on down a sign to me
Or am I too blind to C
Standin up or layin down
My head goes spinnin round and round
Takin rides on a 1 way ST to nowhere
Lookin for a sign I understand
Passin time to save my mind
Following the road that winds
In & out of my own towns of hell
Ignorance & Innocence
Go hand in hand
Ignorance & Innocence
Am I a guilty man
Yes I am

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Created 6/25/99