"It's not like you can just kill me."
"Actually, it's a lot like that."
Whatcha whatcha gonna do, who ya gonna screw
Play it like ya really bad, Fire
Wanna be the man
Doin' everything ya can
Play it like ya really bad, Tired
Can I intrest you in nothin' will you buy my disease
You can take what you want, you can have what you need
Can I intrest you in nothing' ya I think you'll be pleased
If you're lookin' for war, open the 1,2,3, Door
Bleedin' like a stuck pig, play it like you're really big,
Bleedin' like a stuck pig, don't matter
No one loves ya baby now without sayin' please
You got blood on your hands, you got dirt on your knees
Can I offer you salvation, yeah I think you'll agree,
You're about to fall. About to fall
The battle, The war
Inside job, ya got a revolution,
Napolean had less rage
Self made mob, need an institution,
Needs a full-time cage
Why do you stay here
Why do you roam
Kaos feed the big man
He ain't going home
"It's not like you can just kill me just kill me kill me kill me"
Disciple of Kaos, a self made man
Disciple of Kaos, that's what I am
Disciple of Kaos, the silent roar,
Disciple of Kaos, open the 1,2,3,war
The battle, The war
Whatcha whatcha gonna do
Who who who ya gonna screw
Whatcha whatcha gonna do


I'm your crucifix, your burning light
I'm the perfect mix, of wrong and right
I'm your full blown blue eyed devil,
It's my nature to deceive
You're the classic lost example,
With a need to believe, need to believe
You want to
Walk in God-like
Immune to dyin',
What was I thinkin' as I bent my knee and hailed
Walk in God-like
Immortal cryin',
What were you thinking as you took the hammer in your hand and nailed
I'm your black book, that ya live by
I'm the fisherman's hook, that ya kill by
I provide your inner peace,
Faith in complication
I provide the means the tools,
For blessed devistation
Now you're closer to
I'm your crucifix, I'm your black book
Like lambs to the slaughter, they come
Like men in need of water, they come
I'm your full blown blue eyed devil
It's my nature to deceive
You're the classic lost example with a need to believe
Need to believe


I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home to you
'Cause you can't live, without me
Who left the door the window gate locked
Who did the didn't want me in
Way back when I was just a psychopath,
C'mon c'mon c'mon now let me in
Whoa! They tell me I'm insane
Whoa! Just something with my brain
I'm a good boy now, good boy now
I'm a good boy now, good boy now
I know I know I know ya in there,
I know that murder is a sin,
I know I'm better than I ever was,
C'mon c'mon c'mon now let me in!
Whoa! They tell me I'm insane
Whoa! Just something with my brain
You know I'm the same,
You know I havn't changed
What you done!
Just ain't right but I thought of you
Every night, it was a painful as a human bite,
But we'll be together again
And I know that you been thinkin' of me,
Cause you want it the way it used to be,
So leave the light on so I can see and you better let me in
You better, let me, in, motherfucker, go
C'mon c'mon c'mon an' let me in

Burn You Down/To Ashes

With time runing down
You make ammends to the ones you have tried to destroy
So profound
To make ammends to the ones who have tried to destroy, you
As confusion mounts, as you fall in rank,
The heart and mind, throbbing both go blank
If you're not afraid (if you're not afraid)
Then why do you jump at the sound of my voice
If you're not afraid
With time running down
You've done all that you could to be close to your God
Life unfound
You've done all that you should to be far from your God's, hands
It blows like ash in the wind (if you're not afraid)
I throw no stone for I've sinned (if you're not afraid)
If you're not afraid (if you're not afraid)
Then why do you question the good of your choice
If you're not afraid (if you're not afraid)
Listen to for what you paid, but the speaker is a liar
Working hard for what you made, your values are on fire
Burning you down
Scramble for what's good and right, testament to the manic
The innocent flash before his eyes, the man begins his panic
Burning him down
What you are and what you've done is what you had to be
What you are and what you've done gets the better of me
Burning you down (down down)

Cold Hard Fact

I'm push n' pull n', back n' forth n' gain no ground
A knockin' down n' pound pound pound
a kickin' screamin', wac duct taped, to make no sound
A sittin still to take the pound,
Going down hard with a bang bang bang shot
Bring it
Longer you live, you get what you give what you're reaping
First out alive, is the one to survive you are creeping
Cold hard fact gonna get ya in the back yeah
A spittin' blood n' teeth n' guts, out on ya shoes
A kiss my ass n' born to loose
Like Mr. Blond, tap dancin' dali on P.D.
All tied up in misery
Going down hard with a bang bang bang shot
Bring it
Passing the buck as you run outta luck you are weeping
Crossing the line, as you run out of time are you creeping
Cold hard fact gonna get it in ya back yeah

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Let me shut that for you

Hey yeah
Here come Mr. 'I ain't like that', Mr. 'You can count on me'
Here come evolution, walkin' with stupidity
Waste a' time, waste a' my time
Give it up, lay it down, play the bottom line
Waste a' time, waste a' prime time
Hey Let me shut that for you
Got to get me some
Yeah Got to get me some
There go no-one get over me, Mr. 'Not behind your back',
Muthafucka got a larger than life, full a' shit, short a' fact
There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight,
All over the world, you can hear the sound
Sit down, and shut up
Sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up
Stoop muthafucka gettin' under my skin
Runnin' away with that mouth again,
Ah got nothin' better to do,
S.M.F. let me shut that for you

Bold face pagan stomp

It's a hit hit can ya take a hit
On your belly up, suffer me this
Like a shot down, knock down,
On your back down take a hit
Suffer me this
Ya get up down, can ya walk talk,
Hit hit suffer me this
Can I ease your pain pain,
Ease the change I'm the same hit
Suffer suffer me this
Yeah hit hit
Suffer me this
Watcha do when ya thinkin' of you
With ya brain wrapped up down deep in ya rubba-head
Ya open wide with the mob on ya side and everybody stompin'
everybody gonna see the red
Put on ya bold face
Put on ya cold place
Harder they come, go, harder they fall
Down, down, hard
Size 11 waffles 'bout the neck and head honey
Welcome to the garbage dump
Gimme what ya live for, gimme all your money
Bold face pagan stomp
Bold face pagan stomp
Come a kick kick in the dick kick,
Gonna make ya sick kick, suffer you that
Come the blood spills, get ya kick thrills,
On a will kill
Suffer you pain
In a pac wac, got a two on one track,
On a hit n' run smack, suffer you that
Not to be the romp or the kick kick whap stomp
Stomp stomp stomp
Suffer you that
Yeah yeah yeah, hit, kick, stomp
Yeah yeah yeah, hit, hit
Suffer suffer you that
Knows his religeon and he knows it well
The doctrine that he follows send him straight to hell
He's side stompin' judgement, step ahead of the last,
Edict from the judges stating "this too shall pass"

Feeding frenzy


The Cleansing

Cool muthafucka in a deep blue sea,
I said I loose my mind
Cool muthafucka in through what I see,
I said that I don't mind
He said walk on through, we been waitin' for you,
There's a place set at the table
Welcome, home is where the heart is,
And since ya been gone my heart's been broke in two
Your return among the strangest see,
Your life's gone through some changes,
Don't recognise you
Don't don't don't don't don't recognise
Water, down home to the cool cool water
Water, down home to the cleansing water
Cool muthafucka said I know your name,
But do ya know your god
Cool muthafucka said I had your pain,
Ya, then I blew my wad
My god made love and my god made pain,
I feel at home among the insane, Welcome home oh yes I recognise you
See ya been rearranged to suit,
And you know we'll never change,
What they put ya through
Move it to the right now
Jesus cleanse me, can you hear him
Jesus cleanse me now

The Mourning After / Private Bleeding

What you say, hey
Comin' into somethin' that leave you empty, something so strong
What you play, hey
Comin' outta nothing that leave you bleedin' bleedin' so long
Can you feel my hand on your shoulder
Can you feel yourself growin' colder
Someting' outta nothing a private bleeding, bleeding gone wrong
Where you gone man
Everything or nothing the price to find out where you belong
Did you feel your light growing dimmer
Did you feel your soul growing thinner
Something outta nothing a private bleeding bleeding gone wrong
Something outta nothing
I scream, through one sided conversation
As simplicity decends to dash the complicataion
I explode with self inflicted wounds,
I explode a self inflicted fool
And now
I bleed through the mourning after
I bleed so you will beleive
You know I'd take you with me if I could
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