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Where It Hurts

Suckin' on a screw, down lie lappin' break down,
She kissin' up the boy while the church burns down
Makin' up to god,
Makin' up your bed,
Lyin' up to god, playin' dead
I see the fizzle where the bombs fell on the beach
Tell me why the truth is what's stuck between your teeth
No one's leaving, till I say so
Hold that breathin', this much I know
I know, where it hurts
Open up the flood gates,
Open up the seven gates,
Open up the door, the church burnt down
Streakin' like a comet,
Chokin' on your vomit,
One more roll play dead
Lord, I feel the pressure comin' down upon my head
Lord tell me why the truth is sometimes better dead
Hit the streets, hit the wall hit the sheets, have a ball
In the mouth, in the face in the teeth, take a taste
Hit me where it hurts come on and, hit me where it hurts
Make 'em pay, make a stand, break away, be a man
Who ya be, who ya are, where ya live, what ya are,
Hit you where it hurts gonna hit you where it hurts

Fast Junkie

Lean in, take it right
Down one no kissin' concrete
I'm awake, yoo alive It's comin', let it go
My strip, my bank, my rubber nut steel, my tank
I can kill, too alive, let it go
No time for thinking, a full out fast junkie
Puchin' the red, Hey, full out speed monkey
With thoughts fixed upon the fix, inside the vein
With thoughts fixed, not so easily explained
Let it out, let it go
What you do not what you know
One more, fix clean
I'm one, I am a machine,
Wide Fucking Open

The Wait-New High In Lows

Waiting for my heart to stop, I hear it beating in the dark
It keeps me up here, where I lay
A constant source of aggravation for an overactive imagination
Keeps me awake, here where I lay
I will wait
Sizing up a brand new rope, to use it now would be a joke
To hang me up here, where I wait
Turning on the light that blinds me, to make it easier to find me
And light me up here, where I wait
I will wait
Not the smell of mercy on me
Erase the pain of what I know, I'm reacting down into a new high in lows
What's been doin', where you comin' from
Where you been hiding, been missing more than some
Took a ride when I should have walked, got there way to fast
Should have listened instead of talked, first become the last

They Eat Their Young

I feel responsibility to hate what I can't eat
A sack full of hissin' snakes, laying at my feet
I see colors that don't exist, feel pain that isn't mine
Gone from dirt to mud, gone from mud to slime
When you're ready, to come home
When you've had enough
When you're standing all alone, you know, I'll be waiting here
There's pride in what you call yourself, but then what's in a name
I feel responsibility to hate and pass the blame
Know you no security, they'll beat you with a stick
I feel responsibility to hate what makes me sick
They eat their young, without question
They eat their young
Can't be done all by myself / send help

What's Your Problem

When is it gonna end
I'm not a bad man, bad man
I just excel in anger and hatred
Do the best, with what I have
I'm a constitution
Everyday I'm tested, with the worst of what you have
Here's to your problem
Here, Mr. Know-It-All
Here's to the solvin' of a problem in you head
Here's to your problem
Here Mr. Can't-Be-Wrong
Here's to the solvin' of the problems in your head
When is it gonna end
You're not a bad man, bad man
You excel in cold frustration
You know I bleed, for what it's worth
Think I hear the distance comin'
Down fast on your face is gunnin'
Bloodspots in the eye give you away
Do it if I can, you expect to much and I can't
Be bothered with, what you do
Hey what's your problem
When is it gonna end

Under One

Send me all your tired weak, your hungry sick disgusted
My back is broke, flame is out, eyes and head are rusted
My arms are open wide
Under one nation, under one
Under one God.under one
Under one nation, under one
Under one fog, under one
Send us all your criminal insane inflamed indignant
Your terminal infected hopeful, juvenille delinquents
My arms still open wide
Flies are fucking on my face, I watch the magots breed
Providing everything they want, everything they need
My hands are tied, my hands are tied, tied hands set them free
My eyes tear to your pain, call me liberty
I'm but a part of you, your daughters and your sons
Embrace my heart my patience now, before it all is gone
Untie my hands, untie my hands, for blatant disregard
I see no color differences and remain always under one god
Under one god

Supersonic Hate

Lookin' down the wrong end of a gun
I'm makin' tracks for Jersey before I'm wasted by the sun
A simple man in a complex world got the means
But the know how escapes me
Opposite sides of the same fence
Not far apart but still, I don't like you
Supersonic hate
Bangin' on your skull
Eatin' everything in sight, but still I don't seem full
Complex man in a simple world got the means
Got the know how to rape me
In the park sharin' the same bench
Not far apart but still, I could never love you
Supersonic hate Hate
Here we go / Sonic in the hate age
Talk untill you're blue
Screamin' supersonic hate, but I'll get over you
Opposite sides of the same fence, you know that I hate you
Supersonic hate

R.I.P (Undone)


Up To Zero

Zero conversation, words upon a page
No communication, no respect
Zero but a world of words, a war a simple rage
Not worth the time to look in or dissect
(bridge)Wait I'm not ready, I wasn't really treated fair
Wait Not in a hurry, I want the time I wasted back when I thought no one cared
Positively negative, zero minus one
He beleives, he beleives in what he say
A lifetime in a moment passes, zero minus one
Borrowed time, borrow one more day
Just enough to keep you down
Up to zero
Wasted, wanted, needed, feel, when all is said and done
Chistened, baptized, spitting on the Son
Stop it here, one more deal
A moment now to beg or steal
A scrap of meat or one last meal
Stop it here, stop it here, and

Bastard Nation

Twisted torn and ripped, the balance goes away
Mine is but an active immagination
Tear the boundary, know no line
Take a look inside the bastard that you find
Yelling screamed and lipped, just to have a say
Yours is but an over exaggeration
Throw the civil down kill your fear
Feel the need, to act on what you hear
Did they say we were hard did they say we were separation
Citizen of a bastard nation
Waste me for what I do, not for what you hate
Guilt became the prime motivation
Throw the civil down kill his seed
Let's cut out the heart to see if it bleeds
Crippled lame and tripped, the balance falls away
Move, to total separation
Dissolve the boundary now kill the line
You become the new bastard that you find
I walk away if you do. And I stay if you do
What you fear, fearing the unknown

Gasoline Dream

Wishful thinking, eyes are blinking
In the sun the garbage stinking
To ignore the rancid, won't make it go away
Untruth spoke through blistered lip
Unclean thoughts that take the step
Down upon the roaches, that won't go away
Born to follow, to be the first to swallow
Garbage from the plate
Now to borrow, a match, ignite the gasoline
To burn away
Surviving through a gasoline dream
In the month the razor blade gleam
Slashing up the tongue, won't make it go away
On a binge of self destruction
Children of the reconstruction
Suck the tit of discontent, go away
Slam! slam down, respond in kind malcontent, don't go away
Burn burn down, temple of the conscience, don't go away
I was soaked in gasoline, playin' with a match
I was everything I seemed, they stood and watched
Ate from your table , ate from your hand
8 days of waiting burned in the sand
Burn in a gasoline dream, burn away my love
Burn away the conscience, burn away, my love
Take away the dignity, take away the pain
Take just for taking, we are one in the same
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