Crystal Clear

Fingernails, that pierce your tender flesh
And a silent scream of your new faith profess
I am a piece of eternal satisfaction
I am the serpent wrapped around your feet
Deep inside your burning
Virgin ear
Oh to stop the yearning, now
Crystal Clear
Blind and staked you to a belly crawl
And set to take, embrace your final fall
I am the guide to the new temptation, fallout
I am the breath of polluted air you breath
Deep inside your burning
Virgin ear
Oh to stop the yearning, now
Deep inside your learning
To face your fear
Floating, moaning, turning
Crystal clear
Innocence has fallen
At the feet of the need
Lust has taken over
Watch it feed
Blessed into temptation
In the beholders eye
Offered on the alter
On high
Are you here for the calling
Are you here to abide
Have you come for the falling
Deep inside

The Sound Of Dying

Listen-up now
Got a fistful of reason
And a faceful of fear
That I wear with a frown
As the killer does bow
Time will allow
As I pass through the season
And it all comes clear that
The killer I see
Is the most I fear
Is the killer in me
Take me, where I got to go
Show me, what I need to know
Where I gotta go
Here it comes now
The sound ya hear
Crystal clear
Is the sound of fear
The sound of dying, dying
Right to a fault
Methodic perfection
There’s a road to the left
That I walk to see,
Does the killer know me
Come into the vault
With a daily rejection
And on through the tears
That the killer I see
Is the most I fear
Is the killer in me
Just for killing
Just to got to move me
Just in time
Because, someone better kill me
Dumb and willing
Just enough to lose me
Killer come calling
On a misty night in Jersey
Will you let him in
Will you be his friend
Will you take him to the place
Where you want it to end
Killer comes killin
On a misty night in Jersey
Hear the sound of dying

Until I Die

Dope, Black suicide,
Eyes that look right through me
Dead white feeling fine,
The eyes are in a hurry
Into the Ensuing flood,
Look into never be
Swimming ‘round in a pool of blood
A pool she bleeds for me
Time to realize the force inside me
Seem to paralyze and go away And running the lie
Breakin’ and burnin’ me
Until I die
Stone cold occupied
Thoughts that I thought I knew
When only you seem right
I seem to walk right through you
Face down in the comfort of
What you’ve given me
I have resolved myself
To what will never be
Walking next to me
The stark reality
Of what will never be
If I had my way
I’d tear it down
Start anew, up from the ground
And dare I say
I want you near me
To live inside this world so cold
Another day
Another kill me
Another shot to be so bold
Dope, black suicide
And eyes that look right through you
Dead white feeling fine
I could never hurt you

Struck Down

Leveled, Hammered, Gone today
God will have me his own way
Smokin’ gun is what I see
Do you know am I free
Beat it to the ground
Gone without a sound
Struck Down
Locked and tortured by the dream
Fight the demon to be clean
Wanton wounds are why I bleed
Do you know,
Can I see
Beat them where they stand
Fire through your hand
Release them into nothing
Give them upside down
Cut the ties that bind you tight
Commend them to the ground
Release them into nothing
You stand, struck down
Hear me screaming up to heaven
Watch me fall to hell
Hear me, hear us
We are the gone
The horde rejected
See me, See us
We are the ones,
The ones protected
Ashes-ashes, dust to dust
God will have me if he must
Demon crawl all over me
Did you know, I’m not me


Gimme, gimme, gimme some candy baby
I got the crave, I got to fill
Lemme, lemme, lemme some money, maybe
I’m gonna buy everything you sell
Take it on down, take what you want, yea
Pay me later, gotta place to be
Move it on in, take it on over
What’s that face, you know me
Here but now it’s gone
Here to carry on
Nothing more to say
Your mind has gone away
Unholy fill the moment out
Of your mind
The damn has spilled the secret out
Deaf dumb and blind
Wanna-wanna give ya what you’re looking for
Make it all better like I did before, right
When you find, when you find that you got a choice
And the screams that you hear are your own voice
Turn it on up, turn it into stone
Love me later, gotta, gotta go
Move it on in, take it on home
Wipe that face, you don’t know
Live your life
Live it through me
Leave your mind,
Where it should be
Is the truth,
So hard to find
Is the truth,
Out of your mind

I Rise

Voluntary action, leading to the scar upon the face
Planning the reaction, the color, the moment paint the place
In blood, in fire, calling you back home to the demise
In black, desire, calling you, witnessing the rise
God damn this light,
Take it out
Let me see what you to hide
The parasite
Has his way
Until the day
I rise
In pure retribution, remorseful as the moment of his birth
In reconciliation, he ponders a solution in the dirt
In blood, in fire, a blessing to the few, immortalize
In black, desire, a calling to the witness of the rise God, self, liberty>br> Broken into
Pride all over me
Soaring, climbing
Self, God liberty
Broken by my
Drive to set it free
Fire in my freedom
Hatred in my heart
Long live the kingdom
As the king does fall apart
Back off the ceremony
Count all the flies
Fight through the maggots
To reach the underly
Pushing to infinity
Laughs replaced by cries
Push into liberty
Sanctify the rise
God damn your light
It’s in my eyes
Goddamn the will to kill me
God damn your pride

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Devil By The Tail

Oh to be the fire, I am just a man
Oh to walk the wire, believing that I can
And reach on down your throat
To tear it out
Find out what the beatings all about
Justify my envy
Jealousy to fail
In perfect, deadly harmony
Hold the devil by the tail
Devil, by the tail
Oh to slay the liar, he speaks to me, a man And reach into your heart
To pull it out
Find out what the beating’s all about
Run your devil up the pole
Into my domain
The forgotten drool, like rabid dogs
By any other name
They growl, the bark, they gnaw at me
I still hear them wail
Pray to hold what I hold
A devil by the tail
DEVIL, by the tail
Run your devil, take control
Before we go insane
Hey Mr. Lucifer, do you have my pay
I’m done with working here as of today
Hey Mr. Savior, do you ever seem to fail
And got what I got, a devil by the tail
By the tail……


Took a little time, before we’re done to love me
Took a little more than I ever did before
Took your bad intentions
Took your all excite
If I didn’t mention,
Took my inhuman rights
It’s a heavy-weight title bout
The more I live the more I find out
Damned, for if I love me
Damned, for if I care
Damned, for all the make ya feel better
As the damned scream this aint fair
DAMNED, for if I love me
DAMNED, for if I care
DAMNED, for all the make ya feel betters
As the damned scream this ain’t fair
Had a little time before I went and fucked me
Had a little trouble getting up off the floor
Had you’re I’m not like that
Had a hand up in my face
Head bobbing like a wet rat
No love for the human race
The more I fuel, the farther I go
The more I live, the more I….
Damned if I do and damned if I don’t
Damned if I will and damned if I wont
Damned for your screamin’ that this ain’t fair
God damn your dreamin’, I don’t care
Took a little time before you tried to fuck me
Made a little spot for ya right there, on the floor
So fuck your good intention
Fuck your human rights
Fuck your finger in my face
This time I’m gonna bite

No Lights

You know when I think of you
And I feel to let it out
For what we did pursue
And all we were about
And when I think of who
Flooding me with light
Don’t think you need to hear this
Yea, you did it right
It’s over, but yea, we have taken the light
It’s over, by winning for losing the fight
Over, it’s over, it’s over
It’s gone into flight
Right here by my side
As I ride
I found meaning
In the words that you would speak
And I found strength
Inside the fact that we were weak
And when I picture you
Covered in our rags
If this man shall fall
Who will take the flag
Hard rubber and a wind-blown face
Got a full-blown eight-eight
To get us home
No trouble got an extra ace
A stand-up, throw-down
Never let me be alone
Over, it’s over, it’s over
You’ve taken my lights
Over, it’s over, it’s over
Right here by my side
As I ride
To have known you
Still helps to get me through
And to thank-you now
Is all that I could do
When I motor on
On into the night
I know that you are there
I know you are my lights
Over, it’s over, it’s over
You’ve taken my lights
Over, it’s over, it’s over
Right here by my side
As I ride
There’s no light
As I ride

The One

An all out panic, thrashing
Splitting you in half
Mistook the sobbing for a laugh
Travel close concealed,
I’ll leave the door ajar
So who has taken you this far
You’ve been here before
Call if you need
I’m right over here
With a finger on the trigger
And if you need me
Fall and you’ll bleed
As the demon appear
It’s time to stand, deliver
And if you know me
I am your stand and deliver
I am your shot (golden gun)
I am your voice in the sliver
(I am, I am, I am the one)
I am your stand and deliver
I am your shot (golden gun)
I am your voice in the sliver
(I am, I am, I am the one)
Now when you get inside,
Be careful what you say
Don’t be mistaken for the prey
Low to ground is best
Attend to the bizarre
So who has taken you this far
I’ve seen you before
Call if you need
I’m right over here
Finger on the trigger
And if you need me
Fall and you’ll bleed
When the demon appear
It’s time to stand, deliver

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