Click on Chaly to see the pics from McGuffy's (Sept 24th, 2003)

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WELCOME to the page dedicated to pictures from the Killbox 13 tour!

Overkill just ended a short U.S. tour and in a couple weeks, will be going overseas for some more dates! Click HERE to see those dates.
Man, some of these pics are the best I've ever seen!! And there's lots more out sit back and enjoy!

I got lucky enough to see the band at a small bar/pub in Dayton, Ohio called McGuffy's...the place was small..located in a strip mall but I have to say, it was one of the best Overkill shows I've ever seen and I've seen WAY more than I deserve....each Overkill show I see, I learn to respect the band even more for sticking to their roots and kicking ass night after night for so many years now. Not many bands can say they've put out cd's continually over this many years and still going strong!! So, OF COURSE this page is dedicated to THEE most dedicated band I know!