Check out this 3 page article/interview about Bobby and the band...some of these pictures here are UNBELIEVABLE!!! Look how young Bobby looks!!

An OLD ad for The Years Of Decay....this one sure brings back memories!!

I got all these KILLER OLD magazine articles/posters and HAD to share them, they are cool as hell!!
Click on them then wait for it to load.....if you'd like to see them bigger than they are here, let me know and I'll email them to ya. >>>>> ~KK~
From the "Taking Over" days!! WOW! Bobby praising Metallica's style and talking about how Overkill can become popular enough so that bands like Maiden and Priest will consider them for an opening slot...
Check it out!!
Rat Skates >>>>>

This has GOT to be the most awesome poster I've ever seen! LOVE IT!!!

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