The much anticipated DVD is finally out!!!!
First, I want to say THANK YOU to OVERKILL, the guys RULE AS ALWAYS! Thanx for an awesome DVD and a night we'll always remember and for letting us be a part of Overkill history!
"Overkill Live - Wrecking Everything - An Evening in Asbury Park" is finally out!
Here's the front cover:

The DVD contains two disks, the first one is of the show, what an awesome thing to be able to relive that night of the show...(and see so many FAMILIAR faces! Check out the front row!!) the quality of the DVD is SUPERB and I've never seen a better music DVD....and after listening to the Live CD for months, it's finally GREAT to see all the rest of the show that was cut out! The sound quality is also incredible!! This is a must have for any fan!!!

On the second disk, there's three options..."Batmen: The Return" Which is a history of the band..Bobby and DD talking about Overkill and it's members, past and present...a good piece!! (And no, Bobby hasnt cut his hair!!) It's almost an hour and half long! Shows some great clips of shows and Bobby's classic crowd surfing!

The second option is "Behind the Scenes" And man it is awesome!! Starts out with "The day of the show" showing all the fans waiting and moshing for the killer show then soundcheck and also some fan interviews and tattoos...funny as hell....I was laughing my ass off! Then it goes on to other shows and places and footage that is just downright hilarious!!!! Bobby caught on TAPE doing things....well, you'll just have to see for yourself!!

The third option is "Photo Gallery". There's about 27 pages to flip through of band pics, fan pics and tattoos! Well put together and definalty worth the wait! Awesome of them to put our pics of the Chat Rats at the hotel and on the beach on there! (and many more!) As always.....


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